Ron PerinePrincipal, President + CEO

Ron Perine
Ron's approach to day-to-day management is simple. Put sound guidelines and rules in place for the overall good. Recognize those guidelines and rules need to be reviewed and adjusted to keep pace with the ever-changing world. And always, always keep the lines of communication open.

Sara-Beth DonovanPrincipal, Media

Sara-Beth Donovan
Fearless in her embrace of new media and armed with a savvy understanding of the traditional, Sara-Beth has a rock solid track record for putting together incisive media solutions that advance brands, exceed client expectations and take media dollars further. Something she’s more than eager to do for you.

Andrew WoodPrincipal, Strategy

Andrew Wood
Charming British accent aside, what defines Andrew is his unshakable belief in the power of a well-defined brand. Little wonder then he's made it his life's work to help clients define what their brand stands for as well as what makes it important to everyone it represents - from customers to employees.

Kara MitchellPrincipal, Client Service

Kara Mitchell
Kara’s chops for providing expert counsel on everything from business strategy to engagement to analytics, plus her strength in helping clients set direction and overcome obstacles is why she’s a valued member of the Mintz + Hoke team.

Grant SandersVP, Creative Director

Grant Sanders
Grant eschews the ordinary. He also eschews the use of effete words like eschews. And effete. He's all about trying new things (Deep-fried scorpions? Heck, why not!). About seeking the fresh and unusual, and unique. He is constantly on the lookout for awesome - both in the creative work he honchos at Mintz + Hoke and in his personal life, which mostly happens on Nantucket Island. He loves his work. His wife. And his dog. But not in that order.

Mary FarrellChief Corporate Officer

Mary Farrell
Mary has helped clients as diverse as Connecticut Bank & Trust (CBT) and Hartford Steam Boiler meet an impressive range of goals. Using an astute mix of the tried and true peppered with highly creative guerilla tactics to achieve unprecedented brand recognition, sellout openings, national press coverage and a whole lot more.