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Mintz + Hoke Applauds Amanda Savio on Her Promotion to PR Account Director

AVON, Conn. (Feb. 1, 2023)Mintz + Hoke, a full-service Immersively Different advertising agency 50 years strong and counting, applauds Amanda Savio on her promotion from PR Account Supervisor to PR Account Director.

"Amanda quickly developed the trust and respect of colleagues and clients alike in the short time she has been with the agency," said Sara-Beth Donovan, President, Media Only and Principal, Media. "Her immersion into our clients' missions has resulted in several new opportunities for the agency, and we're looking forward to more in this new role."

Headshot of Amanda Savio

Amanda Savio, PR Account Director, at Mintz + Hoke’s offices in Avon, Conn. 

Before joining the Mintz + Hoke team, Amanda spent the first 25 years of her career in journalism and non-profit arts marketing. The expertise she brought and continues to bring to the agency is no small feat. In this elevated role, Amanda will help Mintz + Hoke continue to grow the PR practice by leading the PR efforts for several clients, being more involved in client strategy, and providing mentorship and guidance to members of the PR team.

“I am excited to step into this new role at Mintz + Hoke. Our public relations team is amazing, and this position allows me to work more closely with them individually and get a deeper understanding of all our PR clients. There is never a dull moment, and that’s the kind of atmosphere I love – and to experience that as part of not only the PR team but the agency as a whole makes every day at work an adventure.”

Amanda resides in Plainville with her daughter Jane and their dog Joey. Amanda can often be found outside the office driving Jane to one of her many extracurriculars and cheering her on in the audience. She’s also heavily involved with the Southington Community Theatre where she is currently directing a show debuting this spring, and like many of the others on the PR team, Amanda loves curling up on the couch with a good book.

Amanda holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a concentration in Journalism from Central Connecticut State University.

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