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Mintz + Hoke Named ‘Best Places to Work’ Awards Finalist for Ninth Consecutive Year

AVON, Conn. (Jan. 26, 2024) — Mintz + Hoke, an Immersively Different advertising agency established in 1971 is pleased to announce its selection as a finalist in the Hartford Business Journal’s Best Places to Work in Connecticut for the ninth consecutive year. 

This year, the award honors companies going above and beyond to discover creative, strategic, and safe ways to make work a fun, inclusive and forward-thinking place for employees to be their best selves. 

“I love working with the entire team here at Mintz + Hoke. Everyone is so smart, creative, and above all, genuinely cares about each other,” said PR Account Director Amanda Savio. “Plus, we have a lot of fun. What's better than that?" 

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To help foster employee engagement and satisfaction, the agency developed an enriching culture calendar where employees can create clubs or events tailored to their interests, such as a book club, garden club, or a healthy cooking class. The calendar provides an opportunity for team members to gather around a common interest outside of work, encouraging authentic connection.

"While there are many things I love about being on the Mintz + Hoke team, the one thing that always stands out is the agency's dedication to fostering creativity across practices," said Account Executive Julie Jarvis. "Everyone understands it's the different perspectives and skills that make the impactful solutions come to life, and I think it's something really special to be part of."

All participating companies went through a two-part assessment process consisting of an employer questionnaire about benefits, policies and more, as well as a confidential employee engagement and satisfaction survey, all of which were analyzed by Workforce Research Group.

Companies had to meet the requirements below to be considered for participation:

  • Be a publicly or privately held business, either for-profit or not-for-profit
  • Have a facility in Connecticut
  • Have at least 15 employees working in Connecticut

Mintz + Hoke congratulates all Best Places to Work in Connecticut finalists and is proud to be amongst such outstanding organizations.

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