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Mintz + Hoke Welcomes Recent UConn Graduate Jasmine Comulada to its Media Team

AVON, Conn. (Sept. 12, 2023) — Mintz + Hoke, an Immersively Different Connecticut advertising agency diving into the heads and hearts of its clients’ customers since 1971, welcomes a new Media Assistant, Jasmine Comulada, to its Media team. 

“We are thrilled to have Jasmine as the newest addition to our media team!” said Becca Sheehan, Associate Media Director. “Although she just joined us, she’s already shown such great enthusiasm and acumen for the media world. I’m excited to see her grow and shine as a media maven.”

headshot of Jasmine Comulada

Jasmine Comulada, Media Assistant, at Mintz + Hoke’s office in Avon.

That first leap of faith after college graduation is often the hardest to take. Eager to learn more about what it means to make media and be Immersively Different, Jasmine took that first leap with us. And it was a perfect match.

As a Media Assistant, Jasmine supports the Media Only team in several facets. During her time, she has created purchase orders for advertising space across various forms of media, helped prepare media plans, conducted research on how best to serve our clients from a media planning and buying standpoint, and more. 

“My time here has been amazing so far. After only a short time, Mintz + Hoke has proved to be the Disneyland of full-service advertising agencies. I am lucky to be part of such a caring and insightful team. I am excited to learn even more than I already have and for what’s to come.”

Jasmine resides in Hartford with her mother and enjoys cooking, reading romance novels, watching Grey’s Anatomy on repeat, strolling through Trader Joe’s, and has lived many people’s dreams of seeing both Taylor Swift and Harry Styles in concert. Jasmine holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Connecticut.

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