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The Mintz + Hoke Internship Experience: Fall 2023, Round Two

There are various benefits to having a tight-knit advertising community in Connecticut, and one of our favorites is the familiar faces we encounter throughout our careers. It’s even more special when those familiar faces have walked the halls of 40 Tower Lane in Avon, CT.
This fall, we had the pleasure of welcoming a familiar face back to Mintz + Hoke. Lauren Kazemekas, a junior at Marist College, majoring in Business Administration and Marketing with a minor in Advertising, was our General Marketing intern last spring and joined us as a Media intern this fall!

With a full season at Mintz + Hoke already under her belt, we asked her how she brought her previous experience to her work this time around. 

headshot of Lauren Kazemekas

What type of work did you do?

I've worked with the Media team on several projects and had a range of tasks throughout the semester. One of my key responsibilities each week was to place insertion orders for different tactics, such as newspapers, billboards, and digital advertisements.

I also learned about the self-serve platforms M+H uses, such as META, Spotify Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Google Ads. With that knowledge, I helped create metrics decks for several clients using these platform's analytics.

I coordinated communications with various media vendors for different initiatives, such as proof of purchase presentations, metrics gathering, and everything in between. I also continued working on radio promotions and marketing research throughout this internship.

Overall, I acquired a comprehensive and well-rounded experience in media planning/buying while advancing my skill set.

What, if anything, was different about your second internship with M+H? 

It was interesting to be part of one designated team this time. In my previous internship with M+H, I bounced around a bit, working on tasks from different disciplines each week. In contrast, this experience allowed me to immerse myself in the intricate workings of the media team and work on a select few clients.

It provided a focused opportunity to understand their role and the discipline's importance. I now fully understand everything they are responsible for and how crucial collaboration and teamwork are because of all the moving pieces.

Do you feel having already experienced our Immersively Different process firsthand helped you in any way? If so, how?

Absolutely. M+H's Immersively Different perspective exists in each team and exemplifies how they approach their work. As a returning intern, I knew the importance of having a fresh, unique perspective when media planning.

The seamless transition into the media team was facilitated by my previous collaborations with many of its members. The familiarity also fostered a sense of continuity, which helped me contribute to the team's dynamic and collaborative environment.

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