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The Mintz + Hoke Internship Experience: Spring 2024

When our interns step through our doors, we not only want them to feel welcome, but we also want them to feel comfortable with the unknown. To stay curious and crave a challenge. After all, they are our industry’s future. 

This spring, we had the pleasure of working with Dailend Willingham, a senior at the University of Hartford, majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and Advertising. 

Read more about his transformative internship experience with us below.

What type of work have you done?

In my time with Mintz + Hoke, I have been fortunate to gain an array of experiences that has greatly enriched my skill set. Working closely with Client Service, I've had the opportunity to immerse myself in client relations, honing my ability to effectively communicate and build strong relationships with clients. This has been invaluable in understanding their needs and objectives, allowing me to tailor marketing strategies that align closely with their goals. 

In addition to client interactions, I've taken on various market research initiatives aimed at gathering insights to inform our strategies and campaigns. From qualitative interviews to quantitative analysis, I've strived for a better understanding of market trends, consumer behaviors, and competitive landscapes. This research has been instrumental in optimizing our approaches, ensuring that our campaigns are impactful and strategically aligned with market dynamics. 

One of the highlights of my experience was being involved in a client project from beginning to completion. This hands-on involvement allowed me to develop and refine my project management skills. I've become adept at managing work orders, creating project roadmaps, organizing assets, and handling change orders efficiently. This experience has enhanced my ability to deliver projects on time and taught me the importance of adaptability and problem-solving in dynamic project environments.

What has your experience at M+H been like?

My experience has been incredibly positive and enriching. From my very first day, I've been warmly welcomed by a team of supportive colleagues who have encouraged me to ask questions, share ideas, and step out of my comfort zone. This nurturing environment has played a significant role in my growth and development within the company. 

What I initially anticipated to be a typical internship experience has far exceeded my 
expectations. Every day at Mintz + Hoke has been a learning opportunity, where I've had the chance to delve deeper into the intricacies of the marketing world. From understanding consumer behavior to executing strategic campaigns, I've gained invaluable insights and skills that extend beyond the classroom. 

My time here has allowed me to discover my strengths and interests within the marketing field. Through hands-on experience and mentorship from seasoned professionals, I've been able to identify areas where I excel and areas where I can continue to grow. This self-discovery has been instrumental in shaping my career trajectory and instilling confidence in my abilities.

What is an experience you had that you didn’t think you would?

Before my internship, working with data was always intimidating to me. However, Mintz + Hoke provided me with the opportunity to work on projects that were heavily centered around metrics, allowing me to overcome my apprehensions and dive headfirst into the world of data analysis. 

Through these projects, I learned how to effectively gather, organize, and interpret data to drive informed decision-making and optimize campaign performance. What started as a daunting task quickly turned into a rewarding learning experience, as I began to see the tangible impact that data-driven insights can have on marketing strategies. 

Surprisingly, delving into metrics and analytics not only expanded my skill set but also 
transformed my perspective on their importance to success in the marketing field. I gained a newfound appreciation for the role that data plays in understanding audience behavior, measuring campaign effectiveness, and ultimately driving business outcomes. 

This unexpected journey has not only made me a more confident marketer but has also opened doors to new opportunities for growth and innovation in my career. I am grateful to Mintz + Hoke for providing me with the support and guidance to explore this aspect of marketing that I never thought I would come to enjoy.

Now that you’ve experienced our Immersively Different Mintz + Hoke mindset, what does being Immersively Different mean to you and how can it help you in your career?

Experiencing the Immersively Different mindset at Mintz + Hoke has been nothing short of transformative for me. To me, being Immersively Different means embracing a culture of self-awareness—being keenly aware of one's impact, strengths, and areas for growth. During my short but impactful time at Mintz + Hoke, I've witnessed firsthand how the agency prioritizes this mindset, consistently reflecting on their successes, their impact, and where they can improve. 

I believe that self-awareness is a superpower that many people overlook. It's the ability to step back, evaluate, and gain a fresh perspective on oneself and the world around them. It's about understanding not just what you do, but why you do it, and how you can continue to grow and evolve. This mindset has empowered me to take ownership of my personal development, recognize my strengths, and confront my weaknesses with a sense of purpose and determination.

As I look ahead in my career, I see the Immersively Different mindset as a guiding principle that will continue to shape my professional journey. It's not just about being different for the sake of it, but about leveraging that uniqueness to drive meaningful change and innovation. By embracing self-awareness and the Immersively Different mindset, I am confident that I can bring fresh perspectives, creative solutions, and impactful contributions to any team or organization I am a part of.  

My experience at Mintz + Hoke has been nothing short of transformative. I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute to the dynamic work culture.

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