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The Mintz + Hoke Internship Experience: Summer 2023

As an advertising agency, picking people's brains is in our DNA. And some of those people include our interns. What new technology or software are they learning about in school? What's their favorite brand campaign and why? We love hearing their perspectives and getting to share ours with them as well.

To celebrate National Intern Day, we invite you to view the Mintz + Hoke internship experience through the eyes of our PR intern, Emily Coursey—a junior at Endicott College, majoring in Business Management and Marketing.

headshot of Emily Coursey

What type of work have you done?

I was fortunate enough to be pulled into several projects during my first few weeks at Mintz + Hoke, allowing me to work with several departments, including PR, Media and Client Service. 

I have attended and helped coordinate multiple events, which has been really fun! The events team welcomed me with open arms right away.

I write the internal Morning Broadcast (our weekly internal newsletter), which has given me the chance to talk to several people at M+H that I don't work with regularly.

I’ve done a lot of email outreach, competitive and industry research for multiple brands as well as new business opportunities, researched publications and speaking opportunities, tracked radio advertisement placement prices for our Media team, and I had the chance to work on influencer content calendars which have been exciting.

From my very first day, I have been lucky to sit in on multiple new business meetings and pitches, which has been an eye-opening experience to learn more about the new business process. Having the agency's trust in me and my abilities and knowing they genuinely want to help me grow professionally has definitely been a highlight of my experience.

What has your experience at M+H been like?

My experience at Mintz + Hoke has been extremely positive. Everyone has been so welcoming and excited to have me join the team. Right from the beginning, I had people from almost every part of the agency reaching out to me to include me in really cool projects and just checking in to see how I am adjusting to my new role.

I have been learning so much so quickly, and everyone has been so helpful in answering any questions I might have. I love the M+H culture because it really feels like a team. Everyone is very supportive and genuinely wants to teach me new things, which is much appreciated as everything is new to me and hands-on experience is super important.

What is one thing you learned that you never expected to? Alternatively, what is an experience you had that you didn’t think you would?

Being able to help with the inaugural CT Small Business Summit was completely unexpected and amazing. I helped set up, checked people in, and handed out name tags and goodie bags. I was really excited to play a role in such an important event by helping it run smoothly. It was a great hands-on experience that I will always remember.

Now that you’ve experienced our Immersively Different Mintz + Hoke mindset, what does being Immersively Different mean to you and how can it help you in your career?

Being Immersively Different means looking beyond what is right in front of you to create solutions backed by insights and fueled by creativity. It means expanding what you know or believe and digging into what other groups of people might think, feel and want. It's putting the customer at the heart of everything because they are the ones who determine the worth of your messaging.
It's a powerful concept.

I have learned so much from the Immersively Different philosophy—it was a big part of why I was determined to intern here. This philosophy will help me stay curious and look deeper into problems that might seem surface-level. It is a great mindset to have as a marketer and is something I will always carry with me.

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