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Introduce a new service to a skeptical audience.

Introduce a new service to a skeptical audience.


The Challenge

Connecticut needed an innovative solution to problems thousands of drivers deal with daily. A solution that combined fast, traffic-free transportation with a frequent and flexible schedule. CTfastrak also needed to overcome years of negative public opinion, ingrained daily habits and consumer behaviors.

The Strategy

We uncovered a unifying theme: commuters and travelers sought the certainty their cars could not provide. We built an integrated launch campaign to showcase CTfastrak’s innate predictability and addressed the pain points people had about public transportation.

Following service launch, we continued to build on positive momentum by showcasing the different ways riders were now owning their unique experience; asking a range of new audiences ‘how they ‘fastrak’.

The Outcome

Ridership quickly exceeded projections by a huge margin: 30%. Project expansion study was green-lighted ahead of schedule. CTfastrak is also spurring transit-oriented development (TOD) opportunities worth millions of dollars in local communities throughout central Connecticut. Old neighborhoods along the route have been revitalized with new housing, stores and services that will attract new life and more customers.

Average ridership totals continue to exceed projections – with levels reaching as high as 20,000 people using the service a day.

The Work

:15 TV spots featuring actual Fastrak commuters

:30 radio spots targeting commuters during drive time

CTfastrak billboard


CTfastrak billboard


CTfastrak billboard

Outdoor billboard examples reinforcing the commuter messaging

CTfastrak elevator wraps at west farms mall

Reinforced messaging with elevator door wraps

CTfastrak elevator wrap and hopscotch placement at CT science center
CT fastrak hopscotch

Experiential activation outlining CTfastrak destinations

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